Hot Melt Adhesive Granulator

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Hot Melt Adhesive Granulator

The molten material is conveyed into the granulator head at a constant speed through the material pump, and the outer drum is passed through the perforated outer drum to drop into the granular uniformly on the surface of the steel belt running below it, and then moves into the cooling area with the steel belt. The back side is continuously sprayed with cooling water, and the good heat transfer of the steel belt is used to force the material above the steel belt to be rapidly cooled and solidified during the movement process, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation and molding. Adjust the speed of the steel belt and the pelletizer head to get the most ideal pellets.

Little Sky3000 granulator is suitable for all kinds of materials whose melting point (softening point) is within 230℃. Typical application materials are: sulfur, resin, asphalt, maleic anhydride, partial anhydride, paraffin, stearic acid products, hot melt, Various auxiliary products such as organic intermediates, compound fertilizers, rubber and plastics, etc.

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